mandag den 8. februar 2016

Screens and Javascript

Today was the second lecture of DIA, a lecture about screens, interactions and coding Javascript. 
I spend 8 hours on Codecademy and only finished 20% of the JavaScript course, the coding part of this curse is definitely the hardest part for my creative brain.... 
Reading the text about screens made med reflect about the differences between the therms window, mirror and screen. I was surprised that modern screen based art is criticized by reviewers, because of the media. 
Isn't todays screen just like a canvas was for e.g. Picasso? Or is a screen, because it is an common household item, not a material to do art with??
The first project named: One pixel, startet today with some coding and finding our parter in crime. 
I am still excited about what we can do with one pixel in the end of this project. But I am of good cheer with my group member Per. Now I know how to change and play with background colour in JavaScript and make som simple actions when the mouse moves or clicks on the screen. 

Thats all folks see you next monday

Reference: Ebsen, (2013) Material Screen dissertation


mandag den 1. februar 2016


Today was the first day of the curse in Designing Interactive Artifacts (DIA).
This blog is my exam hand-in and I am gonna write my reflections on DIA each monday after the curse,
when my thoughts are still fresh in mind.
The first project we start up next monday has the theme: One pixel.
For me one pixel is a tiny little thing usually on a digital screen, a part of a whole expression but alone it is 'just' a small cube.

How are we gonna make an interactive artifact out of one pixel?
What about my coding skills?
Is it okay not to be best friend with Java script and how/when am I gonna be that?

I am known to be stubborn and i think that is my force during this curse.
I look forward to dive into Designing Interactive Artifacts this spring...